There have been some confusion over the years because of us calling our music "Acid Fuzz Rock". 

Does it mean we think we're doing music that no one else have ever done before and we need to call it something no one else calls their music? No. 

The simple reason behind us having used "Acid Fuzz Rock" for so many years is because a very old friend of the band once said that one of our first demos sounded like a mix between Acid Rock and Fuzz Rock. We thought that sounded cool and we just put those two names together. We never intended to try and create our own genre and then call it something new, we just thought it sounded cool and used it. Still, it's been brought up more than once "how foolish we are to think we're not a stoner rock band, and no made up name of our style of music can change that".

Well, if someone would ask me what kind of music we're playing I would probably say "garage rock" first, if they didn't know what that is I might say stoner rock (even though I don't think we are playing stoner rock, but we're in the same family tree, just on another branch), and if that doesn't ring a bell I might just say dirty and loud rock inspired by the late '60s and some of the proto punk and psychedelic rock bands of that era.

So, we ARE an Acid Fuzz Rock band, but we are so much more too.

(Sjöberg / 2015)