Interview with Sjöberg by Gabriel Lilliehöök
for G.L. Productions (website)

For the univited rock n´roll fan to this band could you give information how you formed the band? 
The band was formed back in 1992 by Boder(guitar) and Sundler (drums).The intention was to play hard distorted rock with some influence from 70s hardrock.I(Sjöberg) joined as a bassplayer after a while, the bands name at the time was Snakemachine the first demo Skinned women and mescaline was recorded in early 1993 and featured both boder and me on vocals. 

The music turned out to be quite dark and heavy later the same year we sound a singer(Enberg), but he only stuck around long enough for our second demo(ride the wilderbeest) the demo was recorded in early 1994 and the music leaded more towards 70s hardrock after the second demo nothing much happened with the until early 1997 when the name of the group was changed to Space probe taurus, the music direction changed into more of 60s psychedelia and hard 70s rock. 

I started to sing while searching for a permanent vocalist and in the spring of 1997 the first Space probe Taurus demo was recorded with Sjöberg(guitar,vocals) Boder (guitar) Sundler(drums and a session bassplayer (Carlsson) this is where we are now.. 

You started basically as a project and it led to a band do you feel with lineup you have at this moment you have reached the sound that you have looked for?
I dont know what what you mean by a project..the band was for real from the beginning well its the same lineup that started it all, but yes I feel that we have progressed into what I feel is the right sound for us. 

Talking about the inspiration lyrically and musically what is the inspiration? 
Quite a lot, actually..musically it´s mostly music from old biker movies made in the 60s and early 70s, psychedelic rock from the late 60s and hard spaced out rock from the 70s.Lyrically it´s most tales describing a journey through the mind with some drunk bikers thrown into. 

Do you feel with the bandname Space probe Taurus goes along with the music you create?
Yeah! definitely! the name goes really well along with our sound, a little bit retro as its taken from an old sci-fi movie from the 60s it fits to our music. 

Back to the inforation can you give some details about the lineup in the band? 
Sundler(drums) is the guy I can tell you most about as he also plays drums in another local band heavy metal band Capricorn he is also studying and 25 years old, Boder(guit)works with mentally disabled and is 25 years old I (Sjöberg) am doing my best to avoid getting a job and collects classic vintage horror/sci-fi movies I am 24. 

You have released one demo so far Low on karma..high on speed it is 4 really divided songs in there did you felt at the time those songs were represantive for Space probe Taurus?
Well that was how we sounded when we recorded the demo, so they are really represantive for SPT..our new material is maybe a little more polished well, just better really!. 

The recording was done pretty quick just a couple of days was it planned or did it just come when you were in the studio?
Nothing was planned, we recorded the demo in 4 days, and that was what we needed nothing more-nothing less, and I dont really think that four days are a short time for recording a four track demo. 

In my opinion your sound comes pretty close to a more harder garage rockband still with a heavy direction, what is your own opinion about the sound of this band? 
I think our description comes quite close to what I think we sound like, we like to mix the sound of 60s garage bands and 70s hard rock bands so I think in the end it comes quite close to your description. 

Before struggled for a few years out in the bush outside of Karlstad(Swe)then you finally changed rehearsalplace how much did it mean to the band? 
It meant a lot, when we started to rehearse in the new rehearsalplace we started to concentrate more on how we play our songs, before Karlstad our rehearsal place was in a garage out in the woods noone could hear us so we fooled around a lot, we cant do that too much nowdays as other groups that rehearse in the same building can hear us, and we dont want to sound like some beginners among those groups. 

You have some new releases on the way, can you give some info about the new stuff?
The only new release thats fairly new sure is a new demo that we will record in january/february 1998, the new songs are better structured and maybe both heavier and rockier than on the last demo. 

You are still whitout a deal, what sort of label are you looking for in the future?
We would like to get in contact with a small label that could give us the freedom to do anything we´d like musically, it would be great to find a label that would like to put out a miniCD or an seven inch single.

Any other plans for the rest of this year and 1998 for Space probe Taurus?
We´re taking it cool during the rest of this year, but 1998 will start with a new demo and then maybe if we´re lucky..a record who knows?