"Vol. #2" CD EP - Speedball Entertainment - (1999)

4. Dancing Jupiter

Produced by Space Probe Taurus
Recorded and mixed at Speed Ball Studios, April 3, 4 & 5 1999.

The band:

Sjöberg - Guitars, Bass & Vocals
Boder - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Sundler - Drums & Percussion

Notes on the recording:
"This was the first time ever the band was on a record so it was very special to us to be featured on this local compilation CD EP. We were offered free studio time (in the studio we had recorded our first three demos in) as the compilation was released by the same place that housed the studio. Free studio time and first time being released? We're in!

We chose a song that was more or less a reworked cover of Hawkwind's Master of the Universe. It wasn't really a song we played that much any longer as it was more part of our space rock influenced past, but free studio time meant we could experiment a little and why the hell not use this old one? I do think it turned out quite cool, even though we can never really get away from the fact that the verse riff more or less IS the verse riff in Master of the Universe."
(Sjöberg / 2015)

Dancing Jupiter