NWT (SWE) May 2001

"...Then comes Space Probe Taurus with an even louder rockchock in the monumental song "Taurus Rising"..."

Jonathan Strandlund


NEWZ free magazine (SWE) May 2001

"Space Probe Taurus are really cool with their stoned cosmic heavy groove.." 

Niclas Sahlström (website) June 2001

"I'm really looking forward to the release of Space Probe Taurus upcoming 7" vinyl on Game Two Records. 

The tune on this compilation is actually the first Space Probe Taurus tune ('cept for the Blue Cheer cover on the Black Widow released tribute CD) that has made it's way into my record collection... before this I've only heard 'em live... and only once... "

Peter Högfeldt


G.L. Productions (SWE - website) June 2001

"...Space Probe Taurus follows with Taurus Rising, a brand new track introduced for the first time. A impressive fuzzed out tune in prime time Hawkwind/Blue Cheer tradition..."

Gabriel Lilliehöök