"Space Probe Taurus" CD - Buzzville Records - (2008)

1. Dig the Lizard
2. Buzz Amp.
3. Molten Lava
4. Barefoot
5. Psi-Burn
6. Electric Explosion
7. Snakebirth
8. Supersonic Woman
9. Levitation
10. Gravity Rush
11. She-Wolf, Baby!*

(* = was originally recorded for the unreleased low budget exploitation film "Hollywood She-Wolf")

Produced by Space Probe Taurus & Johan Carlsson (tracks 1 - 10),
Produced by Space Probe Taurus & Peter Werne (track 11).

Recorded and mixed at Speed Ball Studios during the fall of 2004.
Mastered at Leon Music.

The band:

Sjöberg - Guitars & Vocals
Eronen - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Enberg - Bass & Backing Vocals
Sundler - Drums & Percussion

Boder - Backing Vocals on tracks 1 & 6

Notes on the recording:
"By 2003 me, Sundler and Eronen had grown tired of just recording new demos and then nothing would happen, so we decided that we should record a full length with the best of our older songs instead and then send it out to labels as a full package (with all music finished and mastered, all cover artwork done etc). 

We quickly decided that 10 songs should be enough as we didn't wanna fall into the trap of doing this for ourselves only, we didn't wanna bore any listeners by playing too many songs that in the end might sound the same. The ten songs were decided during the fall of 2003, and with the arrival of Enberg on bass we were finally ready to enter the studio and do this!

We spent a shitload of time in the studio during 2004. We had worked out a deal with the studio we recorded our first three demos in, so we did a lot of the recordings in the evenings when no one else was around, and this made things a lot cheaper. But, even though we spent all that time on the recording we really didn't spend that much time on the important things. Like the guitar sound... I have no idea what we were thinking, but it's not good. There's a lot of these things with this album sadly. There's a filter on my vocals that in circa half of the songs gives me a lisp. 

Anyway, I think by taking that much time to record this we lost a lot of our natural intensity that we used to have on our demos. Those we usually recorded over one weekend and then we were done. This took months and months to finish and I think we lost the plot after a while. Sure, it has some good songs on it, but I don't think anyone of us did our best, to be honest. As an example, I feel that my own vocals were much more fluid and "open" on our demos, here they sound strained and like I'm singing inside a very small space. 

"She-Wolf, Baby!" was never intended to be on this album. The last mix of the album was done in January 2005 and that song was recorded in the summer of 2005. The story behind that song is that a friend of our friend Richard R. Anasky was making a movie called "Hollywood She-Wolf" and we were asked if we could provide a song for it. We quickly wrote a song that was a little bit different than our usual thing and recorded a demo version of it and sent it to the filmmakers. They dug it and even listened to it while filming this lowbudget exploitation flick. So, we recorded it for real so it could be used in the movie. During the hottest damn day that summer... and we recorded all the music live in the studio, I think we recorded the song 12 times before finding a version we were happy with. Sadly the movie was never completed, and instead of just cutting our losses and leave the song unused we added it as a bonus track on the album.  If we were to do a reissue or something of the first album that song would not be on it though... it just doesn't fit at all and we're not that happy with it. It's not our best moment...

But, it is what it is though, it IS our first album and even though I hear a lot of stuff I would love to change today I'm proud of the album. And I was amazed that we got as many good reviews as we did for it. And all "great" bands should have a self titled album, so why not the first one?"
(Sjöberg / 2015)