Planetfuzz (AUS - website) December 2001

"Once again Space probe have been busy, with yet another promo before the year is out. This promo titled "2010" is a bit more different to the true "Space Probe Taurus" sound. On this recording they have shown a bit more diversity, not so much in your face, flat out fast driven fuzz. Instead they have slowed it down, not all the way down but to some degree! Every song "Space Probe" write are fuzzy and Groovy and this promo wreaks of fuzz, They use some cool effects on Ola's voice and incorporate some cool back up vocals. My only "pick on" is that the recording is a bit too low, compared to most of their other demos.

Having only done some Compilation stuff and a 7" (Insect City) on Game Two records, I hope this demo increases their chances on a deal, the probe are way too good not to be signed. Stand out tracks are "snuff house" and "Doper" both great fuzz rock gems with some seriously fuzzy shit. Yet again "Space Probe Taurus" have come up with some really good rocking tunes let's hope it doesn't stop here."

Matt Frighetto


G.L. Productions (SWE - website) Spring 2002

"Fuzzrockers Space Probe Taurus are back with a new promo 2010 a promo that have been in circulation for some time. Their last promo 2001 got a great feedback and this one after what I have seen have also recieved a good response. 

First the title why 2010, the probers are doing their own Space Oddesey (Stanley Kubrick) the probers have succeded in their follow up, the makers of 2010 the film made a disaster that had nothing to do with the first one. 

Promo 2010 is a natural follower to the last one. Kicking off Promo 2010 are Snuffhouse a late 60s grooving acid piece reflections of Stooges and MC5 are obvious, esacpe the probe druids have a more spacerock concept in fine Hawkwind tradition, Doper have the typical S.P.T trademark a hard,mean and fuzzy tune, the final The Electric Lucifer Caravan is another mindtripper, a charming evil blaster that really rips. 

Space Probe Taurus have made another essential release, 20 minutes of psyched out fuzzgroove mayhem. Its definitely time for an album now."

Gabriel Lilliehöök