"Hallucination Generation" demo 2 (1998)

1. Calling Cosmos
2. Superfly Freedom
3. Old Time Mountain High
4. Gonna Ride Forever
5. Motorcycle (instrumental)*

(*=Taken from the movie "The Wild Angels" (1966), originally called "Blues' Theme" and performed by Davie Allan and the Arrows)

Recorded at SpeedBall Studios March 7,8 & 31 1998.

The band:

Sjöberg - Guitars & Vocals
Boder - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Sundler - Drums & Percussion

Carlsson - Bass (session member)

Notes on the recording:
"Things were a little different when we started working on the songs for this demo as we now had a permanent vocalist in me. It's easier to rehearse knowing that what you hear in the rehearsal room is what you will get in the studio, although hopefully much better. 

This demo was quite a big step forward musically compared to the first one.  We started finding our step and this demo spawned the first song that really sounded like we wanted, and more or less still try to sound like: Calling Cosmos. This is not a genre where you talk about hit songs in any way, but I think we did feel this was our "hit song" anyway... If you listen to this song and the new album ("Mondo Satan") I think you will hear that it's quite closely related to some of the songs on the album. It's the Space Probe Taurus sound and this was really the first time things felt 100%. It was also the song that became our song on the "I Am Vengeance" soundtrack CD. I remember that we had to sign something about not re-recording the song or release it elsewhere within 5 years from when we signed the soundtrack contract with MeteorCity. I think we felt a little uneasy about that as we wanted to feature it on our first album! I mean, we though it wouldn't take a whole 5 years to get a record deal when we had songs like that! It took 10 years to release an album after that contract was signed...

I don't think the other three of our own songs on the demo were that good, to be honest, but either way they were all a step in the right direction. And the last song was just us doing a cover of the theme song from the movie "The Wild Angels". I don't think we even knew what the title really was so we just named it "Motorcycle" and added some samples from the movie in it.

Out of the first three demos I think this has the best sound. Sure, the drums are superloud, but I feel it's almost like a live sound. We did sound like this in the rehearsal room."
(Sjöberg / 2015)

Calling Cosmos

Superfly Freedom

Old Time Mountain High

Gonna Ride Forever