"Promo 2010" demo 5 (2001)

1. Snuffhouse
2. Escape the Probe Druids
3. Doper
4. The Electric Lucifer Caravan

The band:

Sjöberg - Guitars & Vocals
Boder - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Eronen - Bass
Sundler - Drums & Percussion

Recorded in the rehearsal room with an 8-track studio, November 2001.

Notes on the recording:
"If the last demo was us on a good day I feel this was us on a less good day... There are songs that are good on this demo, but I think it sounds a little tired (especially my vocals) and a little uninspired now and then. "Snuffhouse" is not an example of that though. I really like how that song turned out, and we had played it a lot before this recording. It was part of our set list at the time and had been so for quite some time by the time we recorded this.

I don't know if we didn't believe as much in this demo or if we just hadn't sent out the last one as much as we could as this one was paired with "Promo 2001" on the CD-r's that we sent out.

And just a note about the title... the previous one was called "Promo 2001" as it was recorded in 2001, and me being a bit of a sci-fi nerd felt we should call this one "Promo 2010" and the next one "Promo 3001". I guess I was way into Arthur C. Clarke's book series at the time... or maybe it was the movies. Clearly I had missed there was a "2061" book...

This was also the last recording with forming member Boder being in the band." (Sjöberg / 2015)


Escape the Probe Druids


The Electric Lucifer Caravan

A version of this demo with "Promo 2001" as extra tracks (tracks 5-8).