"I Am Vengeance - Soundtrack" CD - MeteorCity Records - (2001)

8. Calling Cosmos

Produced by Space Probe Taurus
Recorded and mixed at Speed Ball Studios March 7, 8 & 31 1998.

The band:

Sjöberg - Guitars & Vocals
Boder - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Sundler - Drums & Percussion

Carlsson - Bass (session member)

Notes on the recording:
"We became friends with the Florida no-budget movie maker Richard R. Anasky through a mutual friend and this is a friendship that still is as strong as ever in 2015. I think we first got in touch with him in 1998 and it was about having a song featured in his upcoming (and then sadly never finished) flick "I Am Vengeance". He dug what we were doing, we dug what we heard about his ideas, so it was really a no brainer to say yes to this. 

The song was taken from our second demo as the label was a bit in a rush to get the songs for this soundtrack. We would have loved to record something especially for it, but there was no time... well, it took the label 2 years or so to release it, so looking back I think we probably would have had the time for a new track..." (Sjöberg / 2015)

Calling Cosmos