G.L. Productions (SWE - website) June 2001

"Kicking off with "Dig The Lizard" a MC5/Stooges similar track, a perfect opener. Hard, mean and fuzzy. "Psi-burn" is another hitter a smoking boogie ride with a more spacerock approach, it could be a perfect jamsession of Hawkwind and Blue Cheer in 1969.

"Crystal Mountain Revolution" have a more heavier feel, a larming psyched out tune again with a tremendous fuzzy garage feel. 

The final "Black Mars" is another smoking mindblaster, hard heavy mean and evil. The production is amazing here, Ola Sjöbergs vocal delivery really smokes, the twin guitarwork by Sjöberg and Boder is very tripping and the backing from Sundler and Eronen makes this promo into a fuzzed out ass-kicking monster.

Labels should check this promo out. SPT´s next plans is to send this promo out to various labels and the long awaited single is soon to be released by GameTwo/SlowRide."

Gabriel Lilliehöök (website) August 2001

"Space Probe Taurus hails from Karlstad, Sweden... where else! This town has produced some of the best ”stoner” bands out there, and Space Probe Taurus is yet another of the truly great ones... they’re just as good as fellow Karlstad bands Lowrider and Souldivider, and yet they’re still unsigned (to my knowledge). These guys have been around a long time and it´s a shame that none of the genre labels have signed 'em yet... They’ve just released a 7” on the Game Two label, let’s just hope some label signs 'em for a fullength soon...

I saw Space Probe Taurus live at the now defunct DIST festival last year, and they were one of the better bands in a line-up that included Half Man, Abramis Brama, Lowrider, Souldivider & Rise And Shine among others... I can’t remember much more from their performance than that they kicked ass on stage... and this demo (and all their earlier ones) proves that they kick ass in the studio as well...

”Dig The Lizard” sets the tone for what will follow... a stoned groove with deliciously tasty psychedelic overtones... If you like the early Monster Magnet sound, you might get the picture...

”Psi-Burn” is the most Monster Magnet sounding outta the four tunes, but it´s not too much Monster Magnet sounding... Space Probe Taurus has their own take on this kinda spaced out, drug-laced, heavy rock...

”Crystal Mountain Revolution” has some very tasty spaced out guitars, it´s the kinda tune that’ll take you to another plane if you’ll let it... it has just the right kinda psychedelic vibe and yet they out-groove most of the wannabe stoner bands out there today...

”Black Mars” are more of the same. A heavy groove with some sweet psychedelic overtones... and you can’t go wrong...

Come to think of it... if you like fellow swedes Roachpowder you’ll like Space Probe Taurus as well... they’re cut outta the same cloth... I would love to see Space Probe Taurus and Roachpowder on a double bill, talk about a stonerrock match made in heaven..."

Peter Högfeldt


High Beam Music (AUS - website) August 2001

"Well finally the band is back and better than ever!!! Space probe taurus for those who don't know are one of Sweden's best acts in my mind, they have a great fuzzy garage sound and sound similar to mc5 and bands like that.

This 4 track demo is the best i have heard these guys do. Production is pure and ola's voice is killer!!! Expect heaps of fuzzed out effects and pedal to the metal riffs. Space Probe Taurus have recorded i think 3 other demos and a 7" insect city, and also been featured on compilation like sacred groove. Songs can be heard by the band at there site and are well worth a listen.

Track listing:
Dig the Lizard
Crystal Mountain Revolution
Black Mars

I dig every song on this demo and all are way too good to point out a favorite, will some one please sign these guys. Ola and crew well done keep it smoking..."

Matt Frighetto


Aural Innovations #17 (USA) September 2001

"Space Probe Taurus have really kept at it over the past few years and have finally got a few things to surface. The band appeared on the Black Widow Records Blue Cheer Tribute CD with an excellent 'Second Time Around'. The Insect City 7" record has just come out on Slow Ride Records. 

This new material was recorded and mixed in 3 days back in May and starts with 'Dig the Lizard', which sees the band going for a much cleaner, less fuzzed out sound. The song reminds me of Nebula. Before the bands material was much more like the first early Monster Magnet 7" records. 'Psi-Burn' is next and has a very cool bass line and guitar riff. 

The vocals are fuzzed out but this song really grooves. Cool stuff. 'Crystal Mountain Revolution' is next and has a great fuzzy spacey guitar like something Dave W. might come up with if he started taking drugs again! Great song. 'Black Mars' has that old aggressive Monster Magnet feel to it but is not as raw and has a rather clean production.

I think this material would really kick some ass if the band had recorded it in a real studio. Very promising stuff! Great band.

Play this stuff LOUD."

Scott Heller (GER - website) December 2001

"In 1997 four guys who like Hawkwind, Mudhoney and Blue Cheer founded SPACE PROBE TAURUS 
In order to play FuzzRock. 

The first song DIG THE LIZARD is a fuzzy rock song which reminds me of NEBULA or the early MONSTER MAGNET. It’s a catchy mid tempo Rock song with a solo and guitar effects The next one PSI-BURN begins with a clean guitar playing two chords accopanied by a monotonous bass tone. It’s really spacy and cool. The singer and guitar player Sjöberg has the right voice for this kind of songs but it’s too quiet and too much background for me. 

CRYSTAL MOUNTAIN REVOLUTION is a hypnotic Fuzzrock song with a cool refrain and a lot of guitar solos. The last TAURUS RISING* especially recorded for a local compilation is a fast and of course fuzzy. 

For those who like mentioned bands and NEBULA it’s worth checking out, for me it’s sometimes too fuzzy but don’t mind. Not bad."

(*=this version of the promo had the track "Taurus Rising" as the fourth track instead of the usual "Black Mars".)

Michael Fiolka