Sjöberg joined the band in late 1992, first as a bassplayer, but it was soon decided a second guitar was more needed than a bass. The vocal duties were added in 1997 during the recording of the first SPT demo "Low on Karma... High on Speed".

 Although, Sjöberg's vocals can be heard on the first Snake Machine demo (Skinned Women and Mescaline) and the track "Brown Sugar Bitch". 

Sjöberg is the resident film and comic book nerd, and he draws a lot of inspiration from those to the band's lyrics and over all vibe. He's also the band's current graphics designer and is responsible for the look of the album "Mondo Satan".


Photo credit: Mattias Wall.

Backing Vocals

Enberg joined the band in late 2003, finally putting an end to that long search for a bass player that could bring something extra to the band's sound.

Enberg was also a member for circa a year back in 1993/94 of the pre-SPT band Snake Machine. That time he handled the vocals on the two track demo "Ride the Wildebeest". 

Enberg is the resident studio magician, and the "Mondo Satan" album was all recorded in his home studio with him tweaking the knobs.

Photo credit: Mattias Wall.