"Black Hole Revolutions" demo 8 (2003)

1. Snakebirth
2. Electric Explosion
3. Into the Hole
4. Supersonic Woman
5. Gravity Rush

The band:

Sjöberg - Guitars & Vocals
Eronen - Guitars, Bass & Backing Vocals
Sundler - Drums & Percussion

Recorded in the rehearsal room with an 16-track studio, October 2003.

Notes on the recording:
"This was probably the demo we spent the most time on recording at the time. And I think you can hear that quite well. The sound on this one is something I really like, I also have to be a bit egocentric and say that I am very happy with my vocals on this recording. Back when I started as a vocalist we just said "we'll add distortion to the vocals, so no one will ever hear if you can't sing!". I think this is the first demo there wasn't anything like that at all on the vocals and you can hear that 6 years of being the vocalist in the band had paid off a little at least. 

This demo has some of our stronger songs from the time. Four of them would end up being re-recorded for our first album. And the fifth ("Into the Hole") was part of the "Mondo Satan" sessions. It didn't hold up against the other songs and got dropped though.

From this demo I can easily say that "Electric Explosion" is the one people like the most when we play live. That's the only song we're still playing from this demo these days, but it's one of the few songs we just can't remove from our set list. And it was an attempt to play a more '60s garage rock style, which I think we succeeded with as often people think it's a cover of a song from the '60s when we play it." (Sjöberg / 2015)


Electric Explosion

Into the Hole

Supersonic Woman

Gravity Rush