This page is all about to share some of the things that have inspired us (and still do) that isn't necessarily music. The band draws inspiration from many different areas and movies, comic books, books etc are just as important as music.

The 1965 sci-fi movie we took our name from. Also goes under the name "Space Monster".

Sure, a crappy movie, but who doesn't love a crappy old sci-fi movie now and then??? 

Below you can check it out yourselves.

Our second demo (from 1998) was named "Hallucination Generation". A title stolen from this 1967 movie.

We borrowed this image of Susan Strasberg from this poster of the 1968 movie "Psych-Out" for the cover of our "Insect City" EP. 

We had a song called "Fireball 500" on our third demo (Acid Worship, 1998), and of course that title was taken from this 1966 movie with the same name.

Taken from a classic horror movie special issue of the Evil Ernie comic book. "Dig that lizard, man!" was stolen and used in the chorus of a song that was quickly named "Dig the Lizard". 

Comic books have always been a bit of an inspiration for the band's lyrics.

On the same demo (Hallucination Generation) we played a cover version of the song "Blues' Theme" (by Davie Allan and the Arrows) from this movie. We renamed it "Motorcycle" though.

On the "Insect City" EP we played a song called "Dirt Cult '72" that was a cover of a short snippet from this 1972 movie (The Dirt Gang). 

Art from the old and ancient website that I found through an old serial killer special of a magazine in the mid '90s. The image is called "Iguana" and it was the inspiration for our song "The Iguana".

These are shots from the first "Faces of Death" movie. This is from the satanic cannibal cult segment, which has always been in the back of our heads since the first time we saw it. It captures that dark side of the hippies feeling we love and try and add to our music. That the segment is fake doesn't matter. 

The song "Kill City Death Cult" from our second album "Mondo Satan" is very much inspired by this short segment. 

We've always found inspiration in many different places, like this. The wonderful British sitcom Red Dwarf. Ten seconds in Lister explains how his food is like eating molten lava. Well, that's where the song title "Molten Lava" comes from!