"Rock and Roll Boulevard - Volum 1" 2CD - Buzzville Records - (2005)

1-13. Psi-Burn

Produced by Space Probe Taurus & Johan Carlsson
Recorded and mixed at Speedball Studios sometime during the fall of 2004

The band:

Sjöberg - Guitars & Vocals
Eronen - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Enberg - Bass & Backing Vocals
Sundler - Drums & Percussion

Notes on the recording:
"This double disc compilation was released by one of the two labels that showed some interest in the album we recorded in 2004/2005 and I can confess that we said yes to them using a track from the album recording here only because we wanted them to maybe look at us more favorably. It took more than two years, but in the end they did! 

The compilation has a nice mix of dirty rock, stoner rock and things like that."
(Sjöberg / 2015)