"Skinned Women and Mescaline"  Demo 1 (1993)

1. Brown Sugar Bitch
2. One Less
3. Spiral Staircase

Recorded in the spring of 1993.
No cover artwork was made for this demo. And the lyrics are since long forgotten... so no lyrics for this release.

The band:

Boder - Guitars & Vocals (tracks 2 & 3)
Sjöberg - Guitars, Bass & Vocals (track 1)
Sundler - Drums & Percussion

Notes on the recording:
"The very first recording we did together as a band. I think we had existed for less than a year by the time we recorded this demo, and that can be heard as we hadn't really honed the song writing skills yet. Riffs go on forever, arrangements could have been better... But, already back here (especially in the song "Spiral Staircase") you can hear that we tried to do what we're still doing to this day. Dirty and loud garage rock with a bit of a darker twist in the lyrics. And the ending of "Spiral Staircase" was later reused as the instrumental song "The Swamp" on the first SPT demo.

At the time we were very much into serial killers and "One Less" is nothing else than the feverish thoughts of a serial killer. The demo title (Skinned Women and Mescaline) is also a serial killer reference.

We didn't have a vocalist at the time we recorded the demo, so me and Boder shared vocal duties. I sang on the first song and Per sang on the two other. Although, in both cases saying that we "sang" might be a bit of a stretch...

Even though the songs could have been tightened up a lot, the vocals MUCH better and our instrumental skills could have been better I do think this demo has its charms."
(Sjöberg / 2015)

Brown Sugar Bitch

One Less

Spiral Staircase