G.L. Productions (SWE - website) Fall 1997

"This band is actually a long time project that envolved to a band just recently, formed just outside of Karlstad a couple of years ago the aim was to play a style of music similar to their idols Monstermagnet, they recorded the first tape just as a threepiece on the second tape they brought in a singer, after the release of that tape the singer left and the project was put on hold.

The three members 2 guitarists and a drummer started to look around after the break for a singer I think they tried out at least 5 or 6 singers none of them fitted in!!! the 3 members got tired again after so much struggeling and the project was put on hold again, in early 97 a big change turned out to be very positive for the band they changed rehearsalplace, and the 3 members decided to record this tape in march 97 just something to prove for possible frontmen. 

The songs on the tape is very Monster magnet influenced, close to ripoff but the band shows talent. Ola (guitarist) sings on the tape he is doing the best he can but like I said earlier it is just something to prove for singers. 

Hopefully the band finds their singer and I also hope that the band get a more own style in the future, this demo is a good start anyway."

Gabriel Lilliehöök