G.L. Productions (SWE - website) Fall 2002

"After a spacetrip of 2001 and 2010 promos have Fuzzcombo Space Probe Taurus landed on the barefoot mountain, dont know where the title is from, could be an old cult sci-fi film. 

In the past few days I have spent quite some time with the disc and my view is that the band keep up a very good standard in both musicianship and songwriting, their guitarist Per Boder is missing on this one but that aint sinking the band at all, bassist Eronen have taken those duties and the guitarwork he shares with frontman Sjöberg causes quite a stir, heavy riffs, space effects with a load of acid and psychedelia involved. 

The duo puts out a package that really rips, drummer Sundler is another good reason to check out the disc just hear his phenomenal percussion work, very enjoyable. Sjöbergs vocals is like a good old wine, its just gets better as time pass by. 

The opening of Buzz Amp hits the nail on the head, a intense horny boogiestomper, Minds Eye is my personal fave if I had to pick one out this is heavy psych in its best shape, a excellent mindride, Just A Planet and Barefoot is also very very good and follows the great tradition of songwriting that this band have. S.P.T are delivering hits right here, in my opinion their strongest disc to date. 

Get into the mad lungdance by pay attention to Sounds From The Barefoot Mountain, if you are a fan of good time asskicking rock and roll you will adore this one. Labels, check this combo out."

Gabriel Lilliehöök


Zoopa Loop e-zine (website) Fall 2002

"Before to receive this CD, I had just listened to two tracks recorded by Space Probe Taurus: A cover of Blue Cheer's "Second time around" from "Blue Explosion: A tribute to Blue Cheer" and "Calling cosmos" from the "I am Vengeance" movie soundtrack. I just remembered that they played a very fuzzy heavy rock. In 2001-2002, the power trio has recorded three demo tapes among which "Sounds of the barefoot mountain" is the latest one on which the band has worked ( May 2002 ). 

Their new tracks, clocking betwen 4 and 5 minutes, are still fuzzy but a bit rougher in comparison with "Calling cosmos". These four tracks are some really good rockers which evolve between Fu Manchu, Blue Cheer and sometimes Nebula. The riffs and songs' structures are simple, very powerful ( cool bass sound) so efficacious and will surely make some fucking heads bang ( "Just a planet", "Barefoot" ). The band should work more on their choruses, it will make theirs songs catchier. The liquid texture of some breaks and guitars parts reminds me of early Orange Goblin ( "Buzz Amp", "Mind's Eye" ) and gives a welcome acid touch to the above-mentioned songs. 

"Sounds from the barefoot mountain" contains everything to satisfy fuzzrock fans from all over the world. The release of a full length album would be a step further for Space Probe Taurus, of course if a label is interested by the band. It shouldn't be too difficult with such tracks. Really nice."

Renaud Rigart (GER - website) September 2002

"These three guys from Karlstad/Sweden are around since 1997 and released a couple of demos and are featured on various compilations. The latest recording (May 2002) "Sounds from the barefoot mountain" contains 4 songs, and believe me, they kill! Acid fuzzrock at it`s best as they call it, and this is the truth. 

The first track "Buzz amp" is a fast rocker reminding me of early Fu Manchu or Nebula, especially the vocals come close to this comparison, but no simple copycat, just the same style but with their own vibes. "Mind`s eye" is a cool midtempo groove monster which shows the musical class of Space Probe Taurus. Very professional songwriting and a great performance throughout the whole recording. O.k., "Just a planet" can`t hold the high standard of the other songs indeed, but the final song "Barefoot" is another rockin' monster, maybe the best song on this demo. Fuzzrock at it`s best is really no lie! 

They recorded these 4 songs on an 8-track portable studio in their rehearsal room, and considering that the sound is really awesome, very intense and authentically. 

I really hope they can get a deal with this demo, they would have deserved that the world gets to know this fantastic band!"



Close-Up Magazine #55 (SWE) Winter 2002

"A lovely scent of bellbottoms, magnificent facialhair and funny cigarettes comes from Sounds From the Barefoot Mountain by SPACE PROBE TAURUS. 

The belief that the 70's is cool does this band seem to share with me. Like KISS but with more groove. Like BLACK SABBATH, but faster. Like LED ZEPPELIN, but harder. Like the more recent weirdos BIGELF, but more sober. 

The keyword is party, but it never gets too intoxicated or meaningless. Just pure exhilaration. I hope to see SPACE PROBE TAURUS live at their hometown's Metal Clüb in a not too far future."

Marcus Grahn



Stoned Gods (ITA - website) Spring 2003

"From Sweden comes this interestic acidfuzz combo called Space Probe Taurus. After having featured on numerous compilations (Blue Explosion: Blue Cheer Tribute, I Am Vengeance soundtrack, Metalbox) and having released their debut EP called "insect city" on Game Two Records, Space Probe Taurus have released this more-than-interesting promo CD during May 2002. 

Very well self-recorded on a 8 trax recorder, these 'sounds from the barefoot mountain' are enjoyable and entertaining, fresh and groovy... I hope the band can release a proper CD very soon, because they deserve it!

The music these 3 guys play is an acid fuzzy rock inspired by MC5 and Blue Cheer, but also modern and very groovy, with cool sounding vocals. It is definitively entertaining and should sound great on stage. To finish the review, I want to tell you to try get this demo or get in touch with the band."

Alex Muraro


Slave to Metal e-zine (SWE - website) Spring 2003

"The Karlstad groovers in Space Probe Taurus had the good taste in sending me a CD with 9 tracks for a review. Their glorious\
70's groove with it's roots in the stonerrock is probably made to try and get up on the same level as The Awesome Machine and bands like that. They will also totally succeed in that. They really rock on all 9 songs, the kinda way you could call "club hardrock". This is the kind of music you should listen to with a cigarette in your mouth, a beer in your hand and the stereo turned up really loud! Totally brilliant! A must for People Like You."

(This is a review of a disc that contained both the "Sounds from the Barefoot Mountain" and "Snakefarm Rituals" demos)

Daniel Eriksson (FRA - website) Spring 2003

"Some may regret with dissolutions and DEMON CLEANER RIDGE and sobering FU MANCHU, the disappearance of a certain kind of stoner NEBULA only seems able to continue. Well, they can rest assured! For the SPACE PROBE TAURUS Swedish are made for them. One finds in their music all the revenues of the FU MANCHU stoner / NEBULA: the fuzz "do you want in here," declaimed as sung a song (usually I do not like, but this is really well done) and to top it all, some punk hints.

All sounds really good, especially the second demo which marks a real change for the group. Although it is known that the group already has some recordings to his credit, we say that the time has really come for them to record a real first album, especially as the quality of these demos, precisely because whether demos, lacks a little relief."

(This is a review of a disc that contained both the "Sounds from the Barefoot Mountain" and "Snakefarm Rituals" demos)

Translation from French to English courtesy of Mr. Google Translate...

Alain Petit


Beam Mag (website) April 2003

"These three Swedes play their stoner with a degree of professionalism that is sure to land them to a decent indie deal somewhere. Musically they are not far removed from Nebula or a less improvised Core, yet they have an embedded conviction which I feel the aforementioned lack. Four songs in total, all with enough variety and experimentation to warrant further investigation."

Warren Wheeler