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METAL CENTRAL (Website) September 21st 2015

"Man behöver inte mycket mer information än bandnamnet för att veta att SPACE PROBE TAURUS kan sorteras in under något genre-epitet som innehåller en drogreferens. Och visst är det precis så. MONSTER MAGNET, ELECTRIC WIZARD och KYUSS är givna referenser, men i botten finns även ett stökigt garagesväng som påminner mig om MC5 och IGGY & THE STOOGES. Svängigt, ösigt, pundigt och fuzzigt värre, med andra ord.

Precis som inom vilken genre som helst handlar det dock mindre om vilka referenser man kan dra till större band och mer om vilka låtar man lyckas slänga ihop. SPACE PROBE TAURUS är, som antytt, långt ifrån nyskapande på "Mondo Satan" - bandets blott andra fullängdare sedan starten 1992. Vad de däremot lyckats med är att skriva catchiga låtar, som dessutom i förlängningen utgör ett starkt album. Låtar som tunga "Dust Joint" eller ösiga "Superfuzzed" slänger man inte ihop över en kafferast. "Mondo Satan" är näppeligen något omvälvande storverk. Däremot är det ett snyggt avstamp inför framtida stordåd. Erfarenhet och låtskrivartalang har kvartetten redan och jag ser fram emot vad nästa steg blir!"

Translation (by Sjöberg):

"You don't need more information than the name of the band to know that SPACE PROBE TAURUS can be filed under some genre that has at least one kind of drug reference. Och of course that's how it is. MONSTER MAGNET, ELECTRIC WIZARD and KYUSS are obvious references, but at the bottom there is also a dirty garage vibe that reminds me of MC5 and IGGY & THE STOOGES. Catchy, speedy, druggy and fuzzy in other words.

Just like any other genre it's less about what kind of references you can find towards bigger bands and more about what kind of songs you write. SPACE PROBE TAURUS is, like I hinted at, far from innovatory on "Mondo Satan" - only the band's second album since the start in 1992. What they have succeeded with is to write catchy songs, which in the end make a strong album. Songs like "Dust Joint" or the speedy "Superfuzzed" aren't just thrown together during a coffee break. "Mondo Satan" is not a transformative masterpiece. But what it is is a great start for future great deeds. The quartet already has experience and song writing talent and I look forward for what next step will be!"


Stefan Lejon

COLLECTIVE ZINE (Website) June 9th 2015

"Look at that name. Just look at it. Now, how do you think this lot're gonna sound? Stoner rock? Yeah, that's what I thought too. And I was wrong. Well, largely wrong. Because while there might be a slight whiff of Fu Manchu or Slo Burn to proceedings Space Probe Taurus are actually more in line with the ass-kicking late 90s output of bands like the Hellacopters and Turbonegro. This, frankly, is fine by me, especially since SPT have struck a neat balance between songwriting flair and bolshy attitude – a strangely alchemical feat that often sees bands foolishly forsaking one for the other. True, it's not going to replace 'Paying The Dues' or 'Ass Cobra' the next time I want a rejuvenating blast of rock n' roll perfection, but right here and right now this is some pretty fun, fiery stuff."

Alex Deller


CACK BLABBATH (Website) May 20th 2015

"Let’s get it straight out of the way then… Space Lord Taurus sound a lot like Monster Magnet. From the rollicking Caivano/Mundell style riffs, Dave’s more upbeat barking and the general space rock vibes.  It’s pretty much all there!

Now, anyone who pays attention to what Cackblabbath like will know that won’t be a problem with us…

Space Probe Taurus are not simply regurgitating some old Monster Magnet tunes however. In fact they’ve been doing it nearly as long as Wyndorf and co. but it would be a bit of an elephant in the room if the similarity wasn’t pointed out…

Anyway, Space Lord Taurus have their latest feast of psych out on Ripple Music (which again ticks the CackBlabbath ‘Like’ box) and it’s bloody great. ‘Mondo Satan’ is a gritty garage record with some fuzzy and psychedelic overtones which all adds up to one hell of a rocking album.

‘Scorpio Queen’ starts things off in frantic fashion with an explosion of guitars, clattering drums and Sjöberg is in no mood to hang around either with the eager vocals. When it comes to guitar solo time; that sets off at 100mph too.

Hold onto your hats, these guys are up and running!

‘Kill City Death Cult’ is another punchy number that clocks in under three minutes and then you are hurled straight into ‘Spahn Ranch Motherfucker’ complete with plenty of squealing guitar work and stinking attitude.

This is an album to get a speeding ticket with if ever there was one!

‘Superfuzzed’ defies any urge to slot in a ballad and carries a catchy chorus that will get stuck in your head for the rest of the week and before you know it the whole album will have raced past in a blur.

‘Mondo Satan’ is relentless in its attack. This is Monster Magnet but on different drugs. Space Probe Taurus have swapped the downers for uppers and come out with a mighty fine wedge of classic sounding acid burnt rock."

Rob W.


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In the meantime, if you understand Italian you can click the image to the left for a bigger version and read it while the rest of us will have to wait and see what it says. 


Claudio Sorge

GHOST CULT (Website) May 7th 2015

"In their 23 year existence, stoner rockers Space Probe Taurus can hardly be described as prolific, having only offered one EP release and a contribution to a Blue Cheer tribute compilation before finally releasing their full length debut in 2008. Whatever the reasons behind their snail’s pace in releases, the follow up Mondo Satan (Ripple Music) quickly follows (for them at least, only seven years later).

During this time it is clear however that these Swedes have been fine tuning their craft as Mondo Satan offers an impressive repertoire. Fans of the likes of Clutch and Monster Magnet will definitely find much to love in their brand of fuzzy, stoner rock which veers far from the psychedelic for a more straight forward, gritty rock formula which evokes the desert scene.

The songs are certainly very strong but sadly they are damaged by the weak final production. Of course this style of rock benefits from a raw, grittier vibe than most and its likely this was the aim here; but instead of a classic feel Mondo Satan lacks any impact. The guitar work especially sounds too buried in the mix when it should surely be at the forefront.

They may not quite rival the massive anthems of some of their peers but in Mondo Satan, Space Probe Taurus have proven they can in time become a stand out band on the stoner circuit. In the long time it has taken to release this album they have mastered the art of writing catchy, good times soundtracks; if only they worked on how to record them properly.


Chris Tippell


"Acid Fuzz Rock. Never have three words more accurately summed up the musical style of a band. The moment in time when SPT decided upon the style and direction of music they wished to go with can almost be pictured. "What does this pedal do then?" "That would be the fuzz box and distortion pedals" would have been the reply before the room of musicians' faces lit up at the sound and the vibe it achieved. It is without a doubt the overarching dirty fuzz driven sound that drives SPT and they clearly follow in the steps of other garage rock greats like Monster Magnet, Mudhoney and MC5.

From the opening bars of "Scorpio Queen", through "Kill City Death Cult" and "Spahn Ranch Motherfucker", the style and delivery does not waiver. That is not to say they are a one trick pony, far from it, as the subtle changes and especially the lyrical content give each track its own individual identity. "Galaxy Travelin' Blues" has a wailing guitar solo lurking in the background behind the fuzz, and it is similar small, subtle touches that mean every track has to listened to multiple times to pick out the best of all of the arrangements.

"Superfuzzed" does exactly what is says in the title before "Mondo Satan" advises on how to "touch the fire and lick the flames" before you "burn your soul and take it in your brain". The track clocks in at 3:33, so is only half Satanic. If it had been the expected time of 7:06 (think about it) I would have been worried. 

"Dust Joint", and the lead single from the album, "The Iguana", follow, the latter being perhaps the best example of what the band can deliver to the public.

If the above named bands can be found in your collection, then there is much to gain from adding SPT to it


Adrian Hextall

THE BLOG OF DOOM April 29th 2015

"The second album from this Swedish quartet is a throwback to the 1990’s heyday of Stoner Rock, back before Monster Magnet wore aluminum foil pants on MTV. There’s definitely some Dave Wyndorf action in the vocals, but the riffs trade in the psychedelia for straightforward, bluesy rock and roll, akin to the Orange Goblin biker-rock phase. Sound-wise, I really enjoy the fuzz tones on this record and the constant lead runs are pretty tasty. Apparently these guys have been plying their trade since 1992, so it’s no surprise that they’ve managed to wrap up their influences into a tight amalgamation of fuzzed out glory." 


"Glorious Swede fuzzed up Rock ‘n’ roll gets MVM feeling nostalgic

The internet has changed music beyond all measure. We all know this. Everyone reading this site, as well as those that write it, have equally been touched by the alterations – good and bad –  in the last two decades.

Twenty years ago, kids of 19 or 20 that wanted to discover new music, they couldn’t just log on somewhere and find it. Spotify didn’t exist, neither did Soundcloud. What you did instead was buy the magazines and voraciously consume the music. Then, if you were feeling really investigative you could join a record club, or a tape trading group. MVM knows this, because that’s what we did. And that’s why we have so much obscure Scandinavian rock n roll of a mid 1990s vintage.

These were bands that took The Hellacopters “Supershitty To The Max” and decided it wasn’t fast enough or fuzzy enough and there wasn’t quite enough lead guitar. And listening to “Mondo Satan” you are rather struck by the thought that for all the technological advances, nothing much has altered for some. Space Probe Taurus have constructed something that could have come from one of those trading newsletters – who knows they may be from that background themselves.

Right from its kick off – the gloriously fuzzy and breakneck speed of “Scorpio Queen” – this is just a little bit special. “Kill City Death Cult” announces that “Satan was an acid head” for seemingly no reason, and appears to be trying to burst out of your speakers to fight you, and so it goes.

There are subtle differences in the tracks, of course, “Make Me Bleed” and the title track for example have a little more bass groove groove and are a little heavier, but largely “Mondo Satan” doesn’t need to do anything else, because what it’s doing is so fantastic.

“Galaxy Travelling Blues” is catchy as the flu but a million times more fun, and if you call a song “Superfuzzed” then you better believe it should sound like this.

Quite simply a magnificent rock n roll album, “Mondo Satan” manages to conclude with a bit of a slammer too, as the deliberate insistence  “The Righteous One” might actually be the best thing here.

If you long for the days when The Hellacopters were the kings of Swedish rock n roll, or remember the absolute visceral excitement when you heard Backyard Babies “Total 13″ for the first time, then you’ve just found your new favourite band.

Rating 9.5/10"

Andy Thorley

RIDE WITH THE DEVIL April 21st 2015

"The Grindhouse Experience

When it comes to rock music and the great land of Sweden, I've come to expect nothing but the very best, and they never fail to disappoint. Space Probe Taurus have been at it under a different name or two since way back in 1992, and stormed back on the scene this year with a follow up to their 2008 self-titled effort. Their new album "Mondo Satan" is a killer return to form, and should definitely grab some people's attention when it comes out April 28th. A hulking slab of acid soaked rock that's sure to get speakers smoking and heads banging. With being named after a 60's sci-fi flick, sounding like a continuous grind house soundtrack, and based on their album art, it's clear they dig everything awesome from that bygone era. Having listened to the entire record more than a few times now, I can confidently say there isn't a bad track, or even a mediocre track, on the whole thing. And if fuzz was a narcotic, you'd be dead after a listen, or maybe two for those of us with higher tolerances. As good as all the songs are, especially tracks like the opener "Scorpio Queen", and "Galaxy Travelin' Blues", the track "Spahn Ranch Motherfucker" is quite possibly my favorite song of the year, so far. With a high energy guitar and drum intro, it launches into a fast action acid rock song, with a riff so fuzzy you can almost feel the static electricity on it. There's no long instrumental passages, no artsy experimentation, just straight up rock and roll from the first second to the very last, as well it should be. After you get into the track a bit, towards the half way point, you're hit with howling guitar solos to go along with the shouted vocals that made their appearance not long after the intro. It goes out in a blaze of glory though, riding the main riff and chorus out to the end. Even if the official release is not until the 28th, it looks as though you can buy it directly from Ripple Music already. But if you're a fan of high octane rock, with a heavy dose of fuzz, don't miss this one. Whether you go out and snag a copy right now, or wait a while, just make sure you get it. "



CIRCUIT SWEET April 3rd 2015

"There is a sample at the start of second song Kill City Death Cult that declares “Let it be known sons and daughters that satan was an acid head” and this sums up Space Probe Taurus and their new album in one soundbite.  Psychedelic riffs and songs about death, violence and drugs abound and they are wrapped up with an attitude that is completely in your face.

From the off, the band go for the jugular and don’t let go for the duration of the ten songs on the album, opening song Scorpio Queen kicks things off with some dirty and fuzzy guitar before the rhythm section kicks in and the tales of sleaze and depravity emerge from singer Sjöberg’s mouth and the result is awesome.

The aforementioned Kill City Death Cult doesn’t let up either and is just and catchy and the riffs just as dirty. Spahn Ranch Motherfucker, Make Me Bleedand Galaxy Travellin Blues wouldn’t sound out of place on a classic 70s record but don’t sound dated, rather fresh and exciting and songs this good don’t go out of style!

Superfuzzed is perfectly named and kicks out the jams like a fuzzed up MC5 and is sure to be a live favourite with a rousing chorus and a white hot guitar solo while the title track is a groovier affair with its hypnotic bassline and vocals that slither.
The pounding Dust Joint is followed by the albums high point The Iguana which is a high octane blaster that roars through without coming up for an air and will get even someone in a neck brace banging their head!

 The Righteous One is the final track on Mondo Satan and has some serious soaring vocals with the fuzz cranked up and this is done with slightly doomier riffs and closes the opus with a triumphant finish.

Fans of Monster Magnet, Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats and fellow Swedes Spiritual Beggars and basically anyone who likes catchy and dirty kickass acid rock should be first in the queue to buy this superb record.

Mondo Satanis the band’s follow up to their self-titled debut album from 2008 and will be released worldwide via Ripple Music on 28th April 2015."

Words: Gavin Brown


THE SLUDGELORD March 20th 2015

"For a band that's been around since 1992 (OK the guys did change their name to Space Probe Taurus in 1997) it's almost criminal that Mondo Satan is only Space Probe Taurus second full length album after almost 23 years in existence. Sure they've released one full length album and a wide range of EP's and demos to critical acclaim. Thank our lucky stars that our good pals at Ripple Music have signed this great band to their label as Mondo Satan is an absolute blast from start to finish.

Sure these guys are highly influenced by Monster Magnet but Space Probe Taurus deserves to be taken as their own band. Their sound is more of a Fuzz Rock, Garage Rock, Psych Rock vibe with the band showing their love for 60s Psych Rock from the Biker Movies from the same era. Put all this trippy goodness together and you have an album that's packed full of great tunes to rock out to. There's nothing progressive here just good old fashioned Fuzzed Up Acid style Stoner Rock jams with a band playing for the love of the music.
Opening track - Scorpio Queen - comes at you like an out of control gang looking for their next battle as these guys are primed ready with Acid Rock style Stoner/Punk/Fuzz riffs. The vocals have a raw DIY feel and that's keeping to the bands DIY ethos that has served them so well over the years. The sound isn't the most polished but I wouldn't have it any other way as it gives Space Probe Taurus a real air of authenticity that you cannot get with some Stoner Rock bands. You feel this band live and breathe the crazy 60s Psych Rock scene though with a great modern sound to match as well.

Second track - Kill City Death Cult - starts with a trippy soundclip with a sense of danger lurking around the corner. It has a slight Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats vibe as the band venture further into their trippy psych rock persona for one of the albums standout tracks. The opening two tracks should tell you what's in store for the rest of the album as the band entice you early on tales of rebellious carnage all told through the power of Acid Fuzz/Psych Rock/Stoner Rock beats. The album is brilliantly produced and played by all from start to finish.

It's very hard to find fault with this album as these guys play at a breakneck speed you won't have time to catch your breath. Especially on tracks such as - Spahn Ranch Motherfucker, Galaxy Travelin' Blues, Mondo Satan and Superfuzzed. If you miss mid 90s sounding Monster Magnet then Space Probe Taurus is the band for you. With so many bands joining on the Retro sounding band-wagon it's great to hear a band having so much fun without caring what anybody else thinks.

If you're not rocking out to - The Righteous One - then there's no hope for you - as the band create more crazy psychedelic riffs with a major rebellious streak running through its veins. Mondo Satan is an album for all you Acid Rock/Fuzz/Stoner Rock freaks to go crazy over. 
I hope these guys tour the UK one day as I want to see these guys in action to see if they are this wild and crazy in real life. Do yourself a favour, when this album is released, grab a copy of this album as it's a thrilling and adventurous album from one of Stoner Rock's true underground heroes finally starting to receive the attention that they truly deserve.
Thanks to Richard at Sheltered Life for the promo. Mondo Satan is available to buy from Ripple Music on CD/DD on 28th April 2015."

Words by Steve Howe