"Ride the Wildebeest"  Demo 2 (1994)

1. Moonstones
2. Inside the Centre Zone

Recorded in the summer of 1994.
No cover artwork was made for this demo. And no idea looking for lyrics to this one either...

The band:

Enberg - Vocals
Boder - Guitars & Bass
Sjöberg - Guitars
Sundler - Drums & Percussion

Notes on the recording:
"If the first Snake Machine was bad this wasn't that much better, to be honest. By the time we recorded this we had evolved more towards 70s hardrock and space rock and, even though it felt right at the time, we should never do anything else than what we set out to do from the very start: loud and dirty rock! This time we had gotten a proper vocalist in Enberg at least...

The music was slow, again we needed a bit of leaving stuff on the cutting room floor as some of the riffs tended to go on and on and on and on... We did make professionally done tapes of this recording and did send it out to labels and magazines, but nothing came out of that.

Later the same year Enberg left the band, but it wasn't the last time we would see him! In 2003 he joined us as bassplayer and he has stayed in that position ever since. So, if one positive thing could be said about this demo it's that we at least met our future bassplayer for the first time before recording it." (Sjöberg / 2015)


Inside the Centre Zone