NEWZ free magazine (SWE) June 1999

"…Space Probe Taurus is the best of the lot. They're totally tripping with a massive Roky Erikson-riff in the intro and a Status Quo riff in the "stick", then there's cosmic marathon-riffing of high class. Brilliant"

Niclas Sahlström


Slow Ride #5 (USA) August 1999

"This here lil' nugget was sent to me by my good ol' buddy Ola Sjoberg, singer/guitarist of the mighty Acid Fuzz Rock experience better known as SPACE PROBE TAURUS, who just happen to be one of the four bands on this comp.

Ola and the boys dug back deep in their drug-saturated catalog of mind-altering sound manipulation (ie, songs) and expose us to the aural trip that is "Dancing Jupiter".

Mike Knecht


G.L. Productions (SWE - website) September 1999

"The last act on this ep is the acid fuzz rock merchants Space Probe Taurus with a brand new track called Dancing Jupiter. A track that have a strong Hawkwind influence actually the song is very similar to the classic Masters of the universe with a combination of the typical Space Probe Taurus sound.

A great track with a lof of space effects, great vocals, excellent fuzz guitarwork with a tight and intense rhythmsection."

Gabriel Lilliehöök