"Mondo Satan" CD/digital - Ripple Music - (2015)

1. Scorpio Queen
2. Kill City Death Cult
3. Spahn Ranch Motherfucker
4. Make Me Bleed
5. Galaxy Travelin' Blues
6. Superfuzzed
7. Mondo Satan
8. Dust Joint
9. The Iguana
10. The Righteous One

Produced by Space Probe Taurus
Recorded and mixed at Painstreet Studios 2012-2013.

The band:

Sjöberg - Guitars & Vocals
Enberg - Bass & Backing Vocals
Tömte - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Boman - Drums

Sofia - Backing Vocals on track 5

Notes on the recording:
"And here we are at our brand new album. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I think this is without a doubt the best thing we've even done with the band. Nothing comes even close to this.

As the label who released our first album (the Belgian Buzzville Records) had folded since the release of our first album we felt it was time to start to hunt for labels again. We really didn't want to record just another demo, so instead we spent quite a long time working on brand new material and then record a new album and do like we did the last time. Send it out  and offer them a complete package of a finished album and all the cover artwork. 

Between this and the first album we had lost both Sundler and Eronen, so a lot of time was spent on getting the two new guys into the band and then write new material together with them. I think we spent almost a year of just writing new material, then we recorded a quick demo recording (nothing official or anything we would send to anyone) just to help us decide which songs we should continue working on. In the end 7 of those brand new songs survived all the way to the album recordings together with 8 (well, 7 as one wasn't rehearsed enough to do any justice) older demo tracks. In the end the album would contain 5 brand new songs that had never been heard by anyone outside of the band before and 5 old demo tracks. I think it was a nice mix. The two brand new songs for this recording that weren't chosen for the album weren't chosen because we really didn't do our best on those, so they're still very much alive.

Again we took a really long time recording the album. This time we used our bassplayer  Enberg's studio, so things were a lot easier this time around. And this time we also did all the producing ourselves... We're not really a band that might be improved by someone outside saying what we should do. We damn well know that ourselves. The long time spent recording meant that my voice wasn't in the greatest shape when it came to record my vocals, so we had to take a break from recording and just spend it on band practice to help me get my voice back. I do think all that extra time we spent on that was worth it. I am quite satisfied with the vocals on this album... and there's no damn lisp on it either!

When it was finished it was again time to send it out to labels, and like with the first album there really wasn't much of an interest. One label offered to release it if we paid more than half of the pressing cost, took care of all the red tape and then the record would only be sold at gigs in the label's home country. It was a no to that... We've never been a band that have jumped on the first thing offered and I'm happy we are like that. It's important to feel that what you have spent so much time and energy on being treated the way you want it to. We might be a bit too hard to get a times though...

When the album had been shopped around our old friends at Ripple Music offered to do a digital release of it. Just so it wouldn't be left to wither away and no one would get to hear it. At the time it was better than nothing, so we said yes. We had in the deal with Ripple that if any label wanted to release a physical copy of the album we would immediately get to do that. So, it was a sweet deal, really. After it became official the response was better than both us and the label had anticipated, and after enough people asking them about a CD release it was upgraded to just that. So, again, we would release a CD! Not bad... not bad at all!

The album cover is taken from an old Men's Adventure magazine from the '70s of some sort. It felt like it fit with the overall vibe of the songs. Especially the new ones... There's a lot about dark hippie cults in the lyrics for the new songs and I feel the cover fits everything on the album 100%. This was also the first time I was the graphics dude for the band, so it was extra cool when we got the finished CDs from the label. And I'll keep doing the graphics for the band as long as the other guys will let me!" (Sjöberg / 2015)