Metal Hammer (GER) Spring 1999 

"From Sweden comes, not for the first time, one first class demo of a Psychedelic rock band influenced by Monster Magnet, earlier Black Sabbath, etc.. called Space Probe Taurus. Their demo tape "Acid Worship", all together rather fantastic, is a very great psych metal and kind of seventies hard rock on dope.

Obviously the fuzzbox rules (a guitar effect machine), first used by Keith Richards in the Satisfaction riff, where it first came to fame. Till now the bands demos are "Low on Karma high on Speed" and "Hallucination Generation". 

This piece is brilliant, buy it! Space Probe Taurus joyfully shouts and lies by the feet of Dave Wyndorf of Monster Magnet. This band kills!"

Matthias Mineur
Scott Heller (translation from German to English)


G.L. Productions (SWE - website) Spring 1999

"The Psychedelic fuzz rock merchants are back with a new demotape. Released late last year as a follow up to the last one Hallucination Generation. If you need more information about the band check out the 2 interviews available on the Hand of Doom page. Acid Worship takes the band a step up down the psychedelic road. 

Once again recorded in the Speedball studio located in Karlstad mid-Sweden. From the opening number Burnt Butterfly to the last Insect city the band takes the listener on a mindblowing psychedelic journey packed with great riffing, grooving rhythms, great vocals a incredible guitarsound and a fat production. 

Musically the band has progressed a lot on their demotapes so far. The first one was great the second one was even better and this one proves that Space Probe Taurus is capable of creating a sound that is unique and hitting. The band has recieved a great response on the last 2 demos, they will be featured on the soundtrack to I am Vengeance and Black Widows Blue Cheer tribute and a couple of other offers are up in the air.

I did mention Blue Cheer the band comes very close to the sound of BC´s early albums, also I find Stooges along with other garage acts from the late 60s along with some acts of today like early MonsterMagnet. Space Probe Taurus will be a highly interesting act to watch out for in the next few years."

Gabriel Lilliehöök


Aural Innovations #7 (USA) Spring 1999

"Burnt Butterfly and Fireball 500 start the Acid Worship demo and are pretty ripping numbers and the guitar riffs are excellent at times. Lung Dance is heavily influenced by Superjudge era Monster Magnet, but impresses on its own. Insect City ends this second demo, with some more spaced out sounds very much in the Monster Magnet vein. 

The band might be a little too close to that old Monster Magnet style for some but for others they are glad that someone has taken up where Monster Magnet started and where they went off the track, Space Probe Taurus continues the line..."

Scott Heller