Slow Ride #4 (USA) March 1998

"Hailing from Sweden is one of Europe´s closest things to early Monster Magnet. "Calling Cosmos" could have come right off "Spine Of God". Monumental, upbeat 70´s-style riffage behind a wall of fuzz is what these guys are all about. 

In addition to the standout track "Calling Cosmos", you get three other good originals and an instrumental cover of "Motorcycle" from the movie "The Wild Angels" (No, I haven't seen that one‹sorry!). Great samples show that these guys are all about rockin on as well."

Conan Hultgren


Scream #45 (NOR) Feb/March 1999

"SPACE PROBE TAURUS (cool name!) hails from Karlstad in Sverige, and plays a kind of hard psychedelic rock mainly influenced by bands from the sixties and seventies. It's easy to hear that these guys listens a lot to bands like Monster Magnet, Kiss, Mudhoney and Blue Cheer. 

Their tape contains five songs which are quite good. SPACE PROBE TAURUS is in fact one of the best new bands I have heard in this genre.The songs have some pretty nice melodies, and lots of cool, doomy riffs. I bet I'll play this one again."

Leif Kringen


Aural Innovations #7 (USA) Spring 1999

"The band´s sound is very fuzzed out and heavy, reminiscent of Fu Manchu meets Blue Cheer meets Monster Magnet but with a much more effected vocal track, like on the early Monster Magnet material or like Tractor on the Powertrip CD.

Hallucination Generation has 5 songs of "Stoner" rock material. After an intro spoken word piece on LSD, the band blast into Calling Cosmos, where I swear they sampled Dave Wyndorf saying "You gotta do what you got to do". Superfly Freedom and Old time Mountain High, Gonna Ride Forever, Motorcycle (taken from the Movie The Wild Angels) closes this demo and is a bouncy groovy number with a more 60's feel to it."

Scott Heller