Custom Heavy (USA - website) August 2001

"Similar to the Sweden Sound of such bands as Pawnshop, Mother Superior, etc. Space Probe Taurus groove a brand of rock that's reminiscent of the Stooges, but where most other bands of their ilk cross that with 70's rock, SPT tend toward a more 60's Blue Cheer-kinda sound.

This 7" contains 3 cuts. The title song, "Insect City" on one side (at 45RPM) and two songs (at 331/3RPM), "Mescaline" and "Dirt Cult '72" on the other.

"Insect City" and "Mescaline" lay down good strong bass-heavy grooves fueled by the rhythm section of Stalhammar on bass and Sundler on drums. This groove is complemented by Boder and Sjoberg's guitar work as well as Sjoberg's strong vocal performance.

"Dirt Cult 72" is a percussion driven instrumental taken from the movie Dirt Gang and features the talents of Stalhammer on the B3 organ making this cut sound like a really cool jam session between Blue Cheer and ? And The Mysterians.

Overall it's a really well done 7" of very cool Swedish Psychedelic Fuzz Rock. Go get you some."

Scott Sanfratello (website) September 2001

"Finally... here it is! The first official release from Space Probe Taurus, courtesy of the fine folks at Game Two / Slow Ride. These tracks were recorded back in '99, and since then there¹s been some changes in the band (new bass-player and a slight change in sound)...
The sound is dirtier on these tracks than on other Space Probe tunes I¹ve heard. "Insect City", the title track, have a sound like Monster Magnet on speed... drenched in glorious fuzz, and with catchy hooks aplenty...
Time to flip the 7"... and don¹t forget to change from 45 rpm to 33 rpm for the B-side...
I liked "Insect City", but I think I like "Mescaline" even better... there´s just something about the groove on this tune...
The last tune, "Dirt Cult '72", is taken from the movie The Dirt Gang... from the sound of it, it must be one of those acid drenched biker movies from the late 60´s or early 70´s... they¹re usually pretty far out, and so is this instrumental tune... think a fuzzed out Mystick Krewe Of Clearlight and you¹ll get a hint of how this tune sounds...
Soo... now we¹re just waiting for a fullength... how about it boys?"

Peter Högfeldt


G.L. Productions (SWE - website) November 2001

"Swedens very own sons of Fuzz have finally issued their debut single after 7 depressions and 8 dissapointments, recorded already in late 99 but GTR had a few problems to bring it out but that is history. 

It's out and there is no turning back, those who wait for something good wont wait too long. Opener Insect City kicks it right on, its one of my personal S.P.T faves, a uptempo harddriving straightforward track that rocks really hard, losers like Hellacopters and Backyard Babies have a lot to learn here. 

On the flipside Mescaline opens the ride, this one is more psyched out and tripping - it have a heavier feel to it, very late 60s sounding. Stooges, Litter, MC5 is just some of the reflections. Ending the ride is a blistering cover version from an old cult biker movie The Dirt Gang. 

A phenomenal single, a must have for every rockfan, highly recommended."

Gabriel Lilliehöök (GER - website) 2001

"I feel like back in the good old seventies when I hear SPT, cause these guys are good. You know 500 Ft. Of Pipe? Yes? Then you will dig these guys also. It's a bit more intense than 500 Ft., but as good as the dudes from Detroid. Did I say intense? Yes I did. I mean the production is really rough and to the point, but I think that's all what counts, rough productions and good music and SPT deliver good old seventies Rock. Get blasted by the guys and spend your f**ing money on something really good, spend your money for this 7"."



Thrash 'Til Death (USA - website) 2002

"Was a little disappointed at first cos' I thought this would be more metal but this is solid stoner rock ala' FU MANCHU + MUDHONEY. Nice rock n' roll stuff. The sides alternate 'tween 33' + 45' so watch out stoners. The last tune is a remake of some old soundtrack song ""Dirt Cult 72'"" (???) + it fuckin slayed! Five stars!"

Tom Wolfenbarger


Zoopa Loop e-zine (website) December 2002

"Concerning the Swedish fuzz rockers of Space Probe Taurus, the major difference with "Sounds from the barefoot mountain" comes from the line up which has evolved between both records from a four piece band which was made up of two guitar players to a power trio. 

This change hasn't affected so much their music and those of you who like their newest material should be pleased to know that they previously played the same kind of music though built upon some less direct riffs. Band's own tracks "Insect city" and "Mescaline" are some heavy rock twisters laced with few acid guitar licks and where some psychedelic flavours appear here and there in the shapes of spacey sounds. 

Double action music like if Blue Cheer had decided to take more chemicals and to use more fuzz until their amps explode. Only the instrumental "Dirt cult 72", taken from the movie The Dirt gang, really surprises the listener with its groovy texture. It's due to percussion and organ the band has used on this one giving the track a 70's color which brings a breath of fresh air to their stuff."

Renaud Rigart


The Ripple Effect (USA - website) December 27th 2010

"Keeping the Swedish hell-stomp fired up and spewing, oil-stained venom, we got this delicious platter from long-time Ripple favorites Space Probe Taurus.  Released in 2000, I dropped a dime to snag this baby off ebay and couldn’t wait to let the needle drop onto three distorted blasts of fuzzed out, grease-stained, acid biker rock frenzies.   Musically, SPT are Siamese twins separated at birth by some demented doctor with our friends Lou Siffer and the Howling Demons. But whereas Lou Siffer gravitated towards Detroit muscle,Space Probe Taurus jumped onto a fuzzed out, hellbound Harley and joined the ranks of some smoke-billowing biker gang from the river Styx.

Each song squeals and winces in the pain caused by it’s own massively fuzzed out assault.  Ola’s vocals and guitars never sounded better while the band chips in with brass knuckle bass and lead chain drums.  Acidfied guitar punk madness at its best.  See if you can’t find this one, it’s just wickedly bad!"