"Peace, Love & Satan" demo 9 (2005)

1. Dust Joint
2. Mondo Satan
3. Lotus Eater
4. Black Karma (Going Down)
5. Kiss of the Zodiac

This demo was never officially released with a real cover. It was just made to show labels what we were up to.

The band:

Sjöberg - Guitars & Vocals
Eronen - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Enberg - Bass & Backing Vocals
Sundler - Drums & Percussion

Recorded in the rehearsal room with an 16-track studio, fall 2005.

Notes on the recording:
"2003 ended with Enberg (who once was the vocalist in the band before we changed name to SPACE PROBE TAURUS) joining us on the bass and then we spent a lot of 2004 recording our first album. So this demo was the first demo recording with Enberg on bass as well as the first new songs written in over a year.

I will start by saying that I think that this is probably our best demo recording throughout the years. All the songs are really good on it and the sound was something we worked hard on getting as good as possible and I think you can hear that. There's not a song on this demo that I wouldn't play today. "Dust Joint" and "Mondo Satan" were recorded for the new album (with "Mondo Satan" even becoming the title track of the album), "Kiss of the Zodiac" was meant to be on the album, but it was obviously not practiced on enough and couldn't be recorded the way it needed, which really sucks as it had a given place on the album. "Black Karma (Going Down)" was among the last songs to be turned down from the list of songs to record and I do regret that still. I love that song.

The reason we recorded a demo the year after having recorded our first album is easy... The album was recorded in 2004, but not released until 2008 and during that time we didn't really know if it were going to be released or not. So this (and the coming two demos) was just our way to kinda sweeten the deal for any possible label. To show them what would come next.

Looking back at this recording I think it was good enough to have been released as a Mini-CD by a label, or at least an EP with a couple of tracks removed. And by the way, "Peace, Love and Satan" was something I used to sign off with when writing mails... I called myself a satanic hippie and I guess this is what you get then." (Sjöberg / 2015)

Dust Joint

Mondo Satan

Lotus Eater

Black Karma (Going Down)

Kiss of the Zodiac