Boder, Sjöberg & Sundler 1998. Boder, Sjöberg & Sundler 1998.

The first staggering steps of the band that would evolve into SPACE PROBE TAURUS were taken by Boder (guitar) and Sundler (drums) sometimes during the summer/fall of 1992. The band was named SNAKE MACHINE and the aim was to play some dirty rock music in the vein of early Monster Magnet and Mudhoney. Sjöberg joined the band sometime during the fall of 1992. The trio had played together earlier the same year, but they just couldn't find their musical home (this was before the discovery of the sweet sounds of Mudhoney and Monster Magnet). Sjöberg and Boder also had a past together in the death metal band GOD MACABRE. 

When the line-up finally was complete the band started working on songs to record their first demo, which was recorded sometime in early spring of 1993 and called "Skinned Women and Mescaline". A dark affair with lyrics dealing mostly about drugs and serial killers. By the time of the recording Sjöberg had switched over to the guitar (although still handling the bass on the recording). As the band didn't have a real vocalist both Boder and Sjöberg sang on the demo, which made it obvious a real vocalist was needed. Something the band found in Enberg a little bit later the same year. A second demo was recorded (Ride the Wildebeest) in 1994 and at the time the band started leaning more towards a 70s hardrock and space rock sound. The demo was sent out to some labels and magazines, but nothing came out of it, and later in 1994 Enberg left the band... it wouldn't be the last of him though!

In early 1997 the band decided to change the name to SPACE PROBE TAURUS and shorten the songs and go back to their original garage rock influences.

Sjöberg & Boder in the abandoned music video for the song Calling Cosmos. Sjöberg & Boder in the abandoned music video for the song Calling Cosmos.

With the new name and change of direction the band started working hard on new songs for a new demo. There was a vocalist that were part of the band for a while right before the recording of the first demo, but it was decided in the last moment that things didn't really work out, so the band entered the studio sans vocalist again. The first demo "Low on Karma... High on Speed" was recorded in March 1997 and by sheer desperation Sjöberg became the band's vocalist during the recordings. 

Things worked out ok though and the band started working on new material with a vocalist they knew would fit the band's style. Early 1998 the band recorded their second demo ("Hallucination Generation"), which spawned the song "Calling Cosmos", which a little later would end up on the MeteorCity soundtrack to the unreleased movie "I Am Vengeance" (by the close friend of the band Richard R. Anasky). And feeling really good about the response for the demo the band immediately started working on their next demo ("Acid Worship"), which was recorded later the same year. This demo started incorporating more complex ideas, but still kept that hard and dirty rock vibe.

Boder, Sjöberg, Stålhammar, Sundler 2000. Boder, Sjöberg, Stålhammar, Sundler 2000.

In 1999 the band recorded some compilation tracks that were used on a local compilation as well as the Black Widow released "Blue Explosion - A Tribute to Blue Cheer", and later in 1999 the band also recorded the three tracks that would become their first own record, the "Insect City" EP (on Game Two / Slow Ride Records). By this time they had found a bassplayer in Boder's and Sjöberg's old bandmate from GOD MACABRE: Stålhammar. He also played an organ solo on the EP that showed that the band was about more than just fast and loud songs. 

In late 2000 there was a change in line-up again as Stålhammar was out of the band and a little later Eronen joined instead. With this new line-up the band recorded the song "Taurus Rising" in early 2001 for the local compilation "Metalbox", which was a tribute to the local metal radioshow with the same name. Around this time the band was also contacted by Man's Ruin Records to release a 10", but with the usual luck the label folded before anything happened with that. In 2001 also saw the recording of the new demo "Promo 2001" and this time a portable 8-track was used in the rehearsal room to save time and money. The result was so much better than the first three demos, so this way of recording became the standard for the band after this. This demo spawned the songs "Dig the Lizard" and "Psi-Burn" that are still in the band's setlist in 2015. 

Boder, Sundler, Sjöberg & Eronen live in 2001. Boder, Sundler, Sjöberg & Eronen live in 2001.

Before the end of the year the band also recorded another demo, this one called "Promo 2010" (and if you are a book/movie nerd you understand the title). This proved to be the last recording with forming member Boder as he left the band in February of 2002. This made Eronen the new guitarist in the band and again there was an empty spot where a bassplayer should be... Nothing that hindered the band and they recorded the demo "Sounds from the Barefoot Mountain" in May 2002, a demo that spawned the song "Buzz Amp." that was featured on the "Swedish Rock'n'Roll Dammit!" 2x7" compilation from Game Two Records. Also a song that is still in the band's setlist in 2015.

The band recorded two more demos as a trio in 2002/2003 ("Snakefarm Rituals" and "Black Hole Revolutions") and the songs got better and better, the band got tighter and tighter, but there was something missing... That's where our old friend Enberg (remember? the guy who sang on the second SNAKE MACHINE demo) arrived and took over the empty bassplayer spot. With a complete line-up together again the band decided on their own to record an album. Instead of just doing demo after demo they decided that they should record a complete album and then send it to labels hoping there would be one interested in releasing it. So, in 2004/early 2005 the band recorded the 10 songs that originally were on the first album (the last track came afterwards). 

Eronen, Sjöberg, Sundler, Enberg 2005. Eronen, Sjöberg, Sundler, Enberg 2005.

While waiting for replies from labels the band started working on their next demo, which would be their 9th called "Peace, Love & Satan", which might be their finest demo release throughout all of their years. It was made to show labels how the band had progressed since the recording of the album and in the end if spawned songs that are still in the set list. Two on the songs ended up being re-recorded 7 years later for the band's second album "Mondo Satan" (which was named after a song on this demo), but we're getting ahead of ourselves now!!

Early in 2006 a label finally showed interest in releasing the album, the Belgian label Buzzville Records, but due to some reasons it would take all the way until July 2008 before the album actually got released. In the meantime the band recorded two more demos and circa 6 months before the album was released Sundler left the band due to having had to move away because of his work. 

But, when the album arrived the band had already found themselves a new drummer in a guy named Boman. Not long after that Eronen left as well and was replaced a little later by Tömte on the same spot. With this line-up the band started working hard on new material. The songs that were written started to remind a little of the earlier years because of their primitive garage rock feel. Much, much better written though, but even though the band always look forward, it's always good to remember the roots. 

Tömte, Sjöberg, Boman live 2010. Tömte, Sjöberg, Boman live 2010.

After having taken a long time to rehearse both old material to be able to play live as well as making new songs the band decided it was again time to record an album. And  just like with the first album they recorded it on their own without any label support behind them. So, throughout late 2011 and early 2012 the band spent time in the studio working on what would become their second album "Mondo Satan". This time 15 songs were recorded, but only 10 were finally chosen for the album. 

One of the non-album songs were used on a digital compilation the website The Ripple Effect released and this proved to be a good pairing in the end. After having spent a lot of time trying to find a label for the new album the band ended up where they more or less started with this recording: Ripple. The guys at Ripple Music felt that this album was too good to just be wasted away and not released, so a digital release was agreed upon. But, after the amount of support and good response for this pairing a CD version of the album was agreed upon and on April 28th 2015 the second SPACE PROBE TAURUS album ("Mondo Satan") was unleashed upon the world. 

At the time of the release of "Mondo Satan" the band consists of Sjöberg and Enberg, but they keep the banner flying by writing new music as well as looking for a drummer and guitarist for upcoming recordings.

Peace, Love and Satan, brothers and sisters!

April  2015.